The Quarter, Lono Tiki Hut and The Apartment night club are a collection of privately owned themed bars located in Warrington, Cheshire, UK. And, was one of only six of our selected customers to implement uniCenta oPOS v4.0 special release in November 2014

The bars and night club serve a wide range of products ranging from bottled and draught beers through to cocktails. Many of the same products are used at each location. A more efficient way to manage products was needed and consolidation of each locations inventory, nearly 1000 products in all including variations, had to be achieved.

This major requirement set out to remove the repetitive, error prone and time consuming effort into a centrally managed list.

Each bar’s POS terminals sit on its own internal network connecting to its own independent MySQL database server. Each server has the capability to synchronise data with a centrally hosted off-site database. This set up helps the owners enjoy a single overview of their entire estate. It also lets the company’s stock-taker remotely access sales and inventory data as well as reports on-demand 24×7

Serious mixology at The Quarter

No question mixing cocktails takes time and the need to cope with this in a busy bar is a given. Quick and accurate sales throughput is a must-have when serving customers premium drinks. uniCenta oPOS helps achieve this with its standard out-of-the-box ability to embed product images into its user-resizable buttons, making identification at the point of sale easy for staff.




Lono Tiki Hut focus on Hawaiian themed cocktails

Lono Tiki Hut offers a themed experience, like The Quarter, and focusses on cocktails.
With a similar product range to The Qaurter and the same uniCenta oPOS screen layouts staff are immediately familiar whichever bar they work in. Once again, speedy and accurate sales throughput in uniCenta oPOS… Essential.




The Apartment night club and private party venue

The Apartment has regular bar service but it can also use the uniCenta oPOS Restaurant mode to provide table service.? Restaurant mode enables an improved level of guest service and gives staff an instant visual way of managing and monitoring tabs where needed.

In addition to working closely with the owners uniCenta also provided bespoke development to prepare for future centralised analytics; crafting new and modified reports; Integrating the bars existing CCTV at each location.