uniCenta 5.0 Release Notes

No JVM required to be installed to run uniCenta
The uniCenta installer will install all dependencies required without the need to install and manage the java virtual machine.

Java 11
uniCenta has been compiled on Java 11

MariaDB is now the default production database for uniCenta

MySQL deprecated
While MySQL is still available on uniCenta it is being marked as deprecated and please migrate to MariaDB as soon as it is possible. Please see the migration guide https://unicenta.com/packages/unicenta-opos-5-0-beta-migration-guide/

New uniCenta plugins

  • Digital Receipts
  • PaymentSense

New flat look and feel
We hope you like the new falt look and feel of uniCenta and gives a more modern touch!

Installation / Migration (4.6.4)
Before you install 5.0 please test the new version on a test system to make sure nothing breaks. Always take a backup of database before installing on a production system. If you are upgrading from 4.6.4 please be aware that the following resources will be reloaded.

  • Administrator role
  • Manager role
  • Employee role
  • Ticket.Buttons
  • Printer.Ticket
  • Ticket.Close
  • Cash.Close
If you have customized any of these resources please take a backup of your originals and reload them after the migration has run.