uniCenta 5.1 Release Notes

Release notes - unicenta-opos - 5.1

New Feature

UOCL-244 Integrate with uniCenta customer API

UOCL-253 Integrate with Teya Payment Terminal


UOCL-254 Maven builds taking a long time to complete

UOCL-255 Keyboard popup on plugin manager


UOCL-233 Add https certificate to uniCenta maven repo


UOCL-181 Able to delete basket without pin entry

UOCL-195 Investigate intermittend card failures PaymentSense

UOCL-247 Maven build failure

UOCL-251 Mac in full screen freezes on arm architecture

Installation / Migration

Before you install 5.1 or migrate from 5.0.1 please test the new version on a test system to make sure nothing breaks. Always take a backup of database before installing on a production system. If you are upgrading to 5.1 please make sure your current version is 5.0.1.